Winnie Kamau

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Winnie Kamau is a seasoned journalist and a former reporter for KTN Standard Group. She is now a freelancer writer and media relations consultant. Winnie is also founder and president of the Association of Freelance Journalists in Kenya, which seeks to protect the rights of freelance journalists.

Winnie's Posts

Big Data Is a Big Deal: 5 Careers to Consider Now

Big Data is trending worldwide and creating new jobs, some of which don’t even exist yet. It’s only expected to get bigger too, particularly in Africa. forecasts that the Big Data market in the Middle East and Africa will grow at a CAGR (the average rate of an investment’s growth over time) of 45%. So what exactly is Big Data, anyway? Big...

10 High-Paying, In-Demand Jobs in East Africa That You Should Consider

Many people assume that the best-paying jobs are the most prestigious. Become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, and you’ll make loads of money, the traditional story says. But Perminus Wainaina, a human resources consultant at talent management firm Corporate Staffing Services, tells us to think again. Things are changing.“There is what people perceive as the...