Sakina Nanabhai

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Sakina is a full-time mom to a fast-growing one-year-old baby girl. She works as a freelance writer whenever she gets a break from her everyday routine of babysittings, feedings, and nappy-changings. Currently residing in Tanzania, Sakina writes for a number of magazines and online blogs. She specializes in travel pieces and personality features. She has interviewed a number of famous personalities from Tanzania from the fashion, film, music, and entertainment industries, and wishes to reach out to more.

Sakina's Posts

One Founder’s Solution to Unemployment: Internships, Practical Experience, Free Online Classes

After winning Anzisha’s US$25,000 grand prize last year at just 22 years old, Chris Kwekowe was all over social media. The young entrepreneur outlined a bold plan to tackle one of Africa’s most pressing problems: unemployment. His startup, Slatecube, bridges the divide between employers hungry for talent and graduates hungry for jobs. He noticed that many university gradates...

The Entrepreneur Who Built a Multimillion-Dollar Business by Lighting Up Africa

For Patrick Ngowi, success wasn’t the only motivator on his journey to building a multimillion-dollar business. Instead, providing a service people desperately needed drove him to pursue bigger and better goals. An entrepreneur at heart, Patrick started his first business when he was only 15 years old and a full-time student. He borrowed US$50 from...

Be Your Own Brand: 4 Tips to Market Yourself to Potential Employers

In today’s job market, it is difficult to stand out among hundreds of other potential employees. With almost everyone graduating from a big-name university or taking an array of online courses, it’s tough to grab a recruiter’s attention with your CV. The secret to impressing recruiters is by standing out and portraying your “unique self”...