Rose Odengo

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Rose Odengo is an independent Kenyan journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. For the past four years she has dedicated her time in seeking and sharing untold stories of Kenya with a hope to improve the plight of her fellow countrymen. Rose’s work has been published in UPI, Global Press Journal, Boston Review, Makeshift, The Guardian and numerous local Kenyan magazines and newspapers.

Rose's Posts

Kenya’s Top Club Manager on Working for Donald Trump and What It Takes to Run High Society Spots

Clubs are some of the most exclusive hospitality haunts in the world, from members-only golf courses to high-end yacht clubs. But for Grace Muchiri, these elite facilities are just another day in the office. As the first certified club management professional in North, East, Central, and West Africa, Muchiri is pioneering elite club management practices on the continent. Clubs require exceptional managers...

How a Former Football Player Became Kenya’s No. 1 Barista

Eric Kithinji was a mean competitor on the football pitch, but now he’s playing in a different league — as a global barista making a mean cup of joe with the world’s finest coffee slingers! In 2006, Kithinji was a rising football star; he was playing on Kenya’s major league football teams. But he left...