Peter Musa

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Peter Musa is an award-winning journalist with eight years of experience at the Nation Media Group, the largest media organization in East and Central Africa. He studied photojournalism at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. In 2007, he trained in Media Strategies for Social Change at the renowned Golda Meir International Training Centre (Haifa, Israel). He holds the distinguished Peter Jenkins Award for East African Conservation Journalism (2004); an Honorable Mention on Human Rights by the Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission(2005), and is also a Jerusalem Pilgrim (2007).

Peter's Posts

The Voice of Kenya’s Business Community Is Optimistic About the Future

As the vice national chairman of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Laban Onditi has traveled far and wide to represent the voice of Kenya’s business community. He’s optimistic that recent free trade agreements will improve opportunities for East Africans, especially young people. Still, he takes issue with opportunistic employers who exploit recent...

Meet the Kenyan Innovator Who Transforms Cow Dung Into Affordable Energy

What if the dung of one cow could light your stove, charge your phone, and illuminate your home? It sounds a little crazy to most of us, but to Dominic Wanjihia it sounded like a brilliant business idea. The founder and CEO of Biogas International developed the Flexi Biogas system to do exactly that. Users simply feed...

The Founder of African Beads Safaris Says Start Small, Don’t be Afraid of Mistakes

For Phoebe Munyoro, starting a tour and travel company marks the realization of a decades-long dream. Munyoro and her cousin, Caroline Kinyali, established African Beads Safaris in 2013. They started small, operating out of their aunt’s house and bringing in a few clients at a time, “We knew that clients were coming, but we didn’t know if...