John Nasaye

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John Nasaye is a freelance ghostwriter, researcher, and management consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya. He also supports program field activities for PATH Kenya. He has worked as a content marketing and communications executive for Car & General East Africa and as a creative content writer for Kilele Online communications. He is passionate about writing and reviewing books, helping individuals to produce their manuscripts, and blogging. He loves specialty teas, jazz music, soccer, and figure skating.

John's Posts

Surefire Strategies to Navigate Office Politics

Social beings that we are, we are bound to be thrown together with all sorts of people, especially in the workplace. A clash of opinions, communication styles, relational techniques, and interests is almost certain to occur. These differences manifest themselves in the prevailing office politics. Navigating the maze of politicking, wrangling, and power games is now...

5 Must-Read Books for Career Success

Books are an essential part of career success. They enable you to pick up workable ideas, tips, and practical wisdom on the go. They contain usable knowledge drawn from different experiences, which you can apply to your own life. It is like bringing the authors right into you living room for a fireside chat at...

Your Go-To Guide for Salary Negotiation: 7 Rules Everyone Should Know

Many employees, especially those new to the workforce, are just happy to land a new job. The idea of negotiating for higher pay is given little thought. Even experienced employees often ask for their previous pay package and hope against hope that their new employer adds a bit on. It might seem unimaginable, but it’s entirely...