About MindSky

Our Story

Hiring great teams is not easy. It is one of the main challenges we faced at our sister company, the Akilah Institute.

We received hundreds or thousands of applications for every job opening, many from unqualified candidates. Advertising our job postings on free or cheap job boards actually carried many hidden costs because of the endless hours our small team spent reading and sorting applications. Paying for expensive recruiting firms did not always yield good results because there are no uniform criteria for what constitutes a good candidate.

When we spoke with other hiring managers in the region, we realized our challenges were not unique and that many other employers faced similar pain points. At the same time, there are so many qualified applicants in the market who are having trouble standing out from all the noise. Clearly, there is a disconnect between talented job seekers and the employers who are so eager to hire them.

Our Mission & Vision

We’ve created a solution — MindSky – an exclusive talent community of top candidates with access to the best jobs and opportunities in East Africa. Our mission is to connect employers to vetted professionals, simplifying the hiring process and making it easier for talented people to build great careers.

MindSky’s talent marketplace is much more than a typical job board, where any company can post and anyone can apply. These boards are often filled with outdated job postings and fake companies. Hiring managers are inundated with thousands of applications, making it extremely difficult for qualified applicants to find their way to the top.

At MindSky, we screen candidates to identify excellence, work ethic, and social aptitude. If an applicant passes our rigorous screening process, we match them with job opportunities at companies we personally vet for legitimacy. When hiring managers receive applications from MindSky candidates, they pay extra attention.

MindSky was built by the team behind the Akilah Institute, a women’s college in Rwanda. A portion of our profits is donated to support scholarships for young women at the Akilah Institute. MindSky directly contributes to economic development by helping companies hire qualified professionals and empowering job seekers to find meaningful careers.

How It Works

We specialize in helping employers fill client-facing roles, such as business development, sales, procurement, customer service, tour management, event planning, community relations, advocacy, fundraising, public relations, and human resources. We currently work with companies hiring in Rwanda and Kenya, but we will expand to other East African countries soon!

For Candidates

Job Seekers

  • APPLY. Complete online application and phone screen to determine if you meet our criteria.

  • JOIN. Create a professional profile to showcase your unique skills and experience.

  • SUPPORT. Your dedicated Talent Advocate guides your job search and sends custom recommendations.

  • EDUCATION. Join the community and build your skills at educational events.


For Employers


  • QUALITY. We pre-screen all our members. You interview only top-tier candidates.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE. Priority customer service to ensure that you find the right fit for your job.

  • COMPANY PROFILE. A beautiful company profile highlights your company mission, culture, and job perks.

  • ATTRACTIVE PRICING. Our tiered model means you only pay for what you need.