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MindSky Members Are Employed As...

IT Dept, Radisson Blu & Convention Centre

Marie Aimee Umuhoza

Park Inn Radisson

Samantha Uwamaliya

Life Skills Empowerment Program Manager, ADC

Darlene Karamutsa

Safari Jeep Driver, Eco Safaris; Marriott Training Program

Rose Muhumuza

Customer Care Executive - ISON BPO

Zipora Nyituriki

Food and Beverage Trainee, Marriott Voyage Leadership Program

Elyse Igihozo

Over 200 Employers Trust MindSky

Employers trust MindSky to reach a curated, higher-quality audience of job seekers. To apply for jobs through MindSky, members must meet with their Talent Advocate and pass our rigorous soft skills assessment. All applications from MindSky members are reviewed by a member of our talent team to ensure match quality.

Are you a current student or recent university graduate? Access exciting career opportunities across the region on the MindSky platform!

We offer personalized recommendations based on your interests and skills. MindSky’s intuitive job application process helps you find your dream job and highlight your strengths to employers.

We are currently only working with the Akilah Institute, but will open up to more schools soon.

Ask your school’s career center to contact us if you are interested in using MindSky to launch your career.


MindSky is an online platform connecting current university students and graduates in Rwanda with employment opportunities.

Employers post their internships and job opportunities on the MindSky job board. MindSky members apply for openings directly on the platform using our professionally-formatted online profile builder as their application document. Hiring managers log in, view, and sort applications as they come in.

We currently work exclusively with Akilah Institute, a tertiary institute in Kigali that graduates many of Rwanda’s most talented and high-achieving young women. Additional Rwandan schools and universities will be joining soon, and we will launch throughout East Africa in the near future.

You can create a free company account right away and begin posting your internships and job opportunities.

To post a new job, please create an employer account and then sign in. Once signed into the employer dashboard, simply click the “Post a Job” link at the top of the website. Once you have completed the new job form, your job listing will be sent to an account manager for review. After the job posting has been approved, it will become active on our job board and applicants will be able to start applying.

MindSky and the Akilah Institute are part of Fowler Education, a pioneer in offering unique educational programs and educational technology products for the African market. The MindSky platform is currently only available to Akilah students and alumni, but we will be opening up to more schools soon. Akilah Institute was founded by Dave and Elizabeth Hughes. Elizabeth is the co-founder and CEO of MindSky.

Most online job sites make you do all the work alone. You spend hours researching job openings, updating your CV and cover letter, and filling in applications. You then hope that a real person is actually looking at your application after you apply. With MindSky, every member is assigned to a personal Talent Advocate — sort of like a career coach who gives you feedback, helps you out when you’re struggling, and makes sure you apply to the opportunities that suit your skills and experience. It’s the smarter job board with a human touch!

MindSky is absolutely free for employers.

Your university or training institution must purchase a MindSky subscription in order for you to create an account and apply for jobs. We are currently only working with the Akilah Institute, but we will open up to more schools soon. Ask your school’s career center to contact us if you are interested in using MindSky to launch your career.