Meet an Akilah Alumna: Ruth Sijyeniyo


Ruth Sijyeniyo recently graduated from the Akilah Institute for Women with a Diploma in Hospitality Management. She’s excited to bring her communication skills and enthusiasm for providing great service to her new employer. Find out if Ruth could be your next great hire.

Ruth Sijyeniyo
Diploma in Hospitality Management

About Ruth:

I finished at Akilah this past January with a Diploma in Hospitality Management. During my time at Akilah, I did an internship at Sportsview Hotel that introduced me to the hospitality management workplace.

Professional Skills:

Workplace Communication, Organization, Team Player, Time Management, Prioritization

“We should all support our co workers.”

Relevant Work Experience:

I interned at Sportsview Hotel as a waitress and cook in 2015. Then I worked as a waitress part time at Lalibela Ethiopian restaurant. In my month long role as housekeeper at the Belgian ambassador’s residence, I learned to manage household tasks and accommodate high-profile guests. These experiences will help me in future hospitality management positions.


I received a certificate in “How to Provide Excellent Service” from Akilah’s Hospitality Management track.

How I add value to the workplace:

When at a job, I make sure to do my best at my task. I support and help my co workers in the tasks that they are working on, even if they’re not my own. They’re my coworker, and we should all support our co workers, as it benefits every team member and the company itself.

For example, at the Belgian ambassador’s residence, after I completed my tasks — making the beds, ironing, and cleaning the rooms  I also set the tables, even though that wasn’t my task. There were few employees, so I wanted to help everyone get their tasks done.

How my supervisors and instructors would describe me:

At the Akilah Institute, my instructors would describe me as a punctual and hardworking person. For example, when we were creating portfolios, we had three weeks to compile them, and I finished before some other students had even started. I accomplished this by approaching my supervisor early and asking questions and showing them how I thought I should complete it. After this, they helped me, and I got through it quickly. Then, after preparing my portfolio, I presented it clearly and professionally to a panel of five people from the institute.

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