Meet an Akilah Alumna: Aline Safi


Aline Safi recently graduated from the Akilah Institute for Women with a Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship. She’s excited to bring her marketing and communication skills to her new employer. Find out if Aline could be your next great hire.

Aline Safi
Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship

About Aline:

I recently graduated from the Akilah Institute for Women with a Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship and I have a passion for talking to people.

Professional Skills:

Sales and Marketing, Communication, Product Development, Negotiation Skills, Market Research, Foundation in Management, Business Strategy

Relevant Work Experience:

I did sales and marketing for Sulfo Rwanda Ltd. as my three-month internship when I was at Akilah. While I was there, I helped market their product and interviewed customers in order to improve their experience. I also worked to convince them to purchase new products that Sulfo offered.

I also gained sales experience in my hometown, where I helped my sister sell bananas and convinced customers to buy them.

“I can go above and beyond.”


Certificate from the African Innovation Prize.

This certificate came from completing a three-week training in my first year at Akilah where the instructors taught us:

  • How to improve our businesses
  • How to create business plans
  • How to take out bank loans
  • How to design products through market research

How I add value to the workplace:

I can add value to the workplace by working on the responsibilities that are given to me by my employer. Additionally, I can go above and beyond my assigned tasks to provide new ideas and constructive feedback to help the business grow.

When I was an Akilah admissions intern, I had the task of contacting possible applicants and telling them how Akilah helps students grow and reach their full potential. I emailed dozens of prospective students and communicated the value of Akilah to them. This encouraged them to apply.

How my supervisors and instructors would describe me:

My communication skills and English proficiency are some of the first things my instructors would mention when describing me. I am able to communicate professionally, I value work, and I have the business skills to succeed.

For example, at Sulfo my boss told me to go into the field and gather information for the business. I went out and compared our prices with the prices of competitors. I also looked at our products compared to the competing products. After doing so, I would pass the information along to my boss. This internship gave me the opportunity to conduct market research and taught me how to find important information.

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