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Meet a MindSky Member: Janat Is on Track for a Career in IT Management

When computers refuse to start, printers go offline, and servers go down, Janat Kamwesiga springs to action. As an IT officer at Starfish Mobile, it’s her responsibility to ensure that all IT equipment and systems are running smoothly. And when they’re not, she troubleshoots the problem and provides a solution. The skilled IT professional has a...

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How I Got a Job at Kigali Marriott Hotel

Muhire Seremani, an AkilahNet member, recently started a new job at Kigali Marriott Hotel. He shares his experience with AkilahNet’s Lauren Everitt.  I joined AkilahNet about five or six months ago. I had just moved back to Rwanda after living for three years in Cape Town. There I was working for the InterContinental Hotel, but...

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