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Job Spotlight: Multiple Openings, Heaven (Rwanda)

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Heaven is more than a restaurant and boutique hotel — it’s a social enterprise. Heaven is helping Rwanda develop its most important resource: its people. Prosperity creation is one of Rwanda’s many challenges, and Heaven provides employment that sets a national standard for service excellence and food quality.

Heaven is located in Kigali’s city center with breathtaking views and incredible food. Heaven is proud to be “Made in Rwanda”. Our restaurant was custom-built by local craftspeople, and we showcase Rwandan arts and crafts that support cooperatives throughout the country. Our international menu features Rwandan-influenced recipes, and we regularly host cultural events for all to enjoy. We are always looking for people interested in contributing to the development of Rwanda and the hospitality and culinary industries.


Job Function: Food & Beverage: Restaurant
Work Authorisation: All Nationalities
Job Level: Mid-Career
Years of Experience: 1-2 years
Languages: English, French, Kinyarwanda
Top Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Food & Beverage: Management
  • HR: Talent / Coaching
  • Organizing / Planning / Project Management
  • Sales / Marketing

Job Duties

Primary Objective

Managing the day to day Food & Beverage operations of Heaven Restaurant & Boutique Hotel in a professional manner, while constantly exceeding Guest expectations

Duties & Responsibilities

Staff Oversight

  • Ensure that all staff are fulfilling their daily responsibilities consistently, accurately and completely.
  • Orient and train staff on Heaven’s policies and procedures and ensure that all staff have signed job descriptions.
  • Supervise opening and closing duties, ensure all mis en place is complete before service and that the restaurant is closed properly after every shift.
  • Train all Front of House (FOH) staff on menu knowledge, steps of service, upselling and test and evaluate them weekly.
  • Conduct daily pre-shift check-ins with FOH staff to review specials, reservations, assign zones for the shift and engage in training.
  • Conduct daily pre-shift check-ins with Kitchen Manager to review Back of House (BOH) staff mis en place. Sample, taste, monitor food and beverage quality and ensure quality standards for taste, presentation and menu pricing.
  • Works closely with Kitchen Manager / Executive Chef to supervise food storage, costing, portioning and production

Customer Service

  • Ensure excellent customer service is provided at all times.
  • Greet and check-in with every table and attend to any complaints or concerns.
  • Shadow FOH during service, guide and correct staff to ensure that excellent customer care is provided. Provide active training and constructive feedback on work performance
  • Serve tables directly when you observe errors, when the dining room is busy and/ or when your direct service will lead to increase in revenues and customer satisfaction


  • Provide a daily email report to owners and GM with updates on all areas of F&B management
  • Respond to F&B reservation inquiries via telephone and email daily in coordination with Kitchen and GM
  • Supervise completion of weekly staff schedules based on staff availability and special events, reservations
  • Participate in weekly management meetings with current reports on Beverage costs, training initiatives, and general FOH updates
  • Oversee and approve FOH (Restaurant, Bar and Cashier/Retail) requisitions, in preparation for purchasing to ensure all menu items are in stock and all restaurant equipment and supplies are available to ensure seamless customer experience
  • Review F&B sales and expenses on a weekly basis and execute specific measures to minimize operating costs and improve profitability.
  • Implement management control systems in order to achieve 30% (or less) food & beverage costs and increased profitability.
  • Oversee monthly inventory stock-taking to ensure data is correct for food & beverage cost calculations
  • Implement inventory control systems in store rooms, office, kitchen, bar and retail areas to limit waste, theft and increase overall control over Heaven property.


  • Conduct training throughout service to ensure that our staff is learning and improving. Develop training documents and evaluation materials (test, quizzes) and report weekly progress to Owners. Provide or plan and implement one formal training session (30-60 minutes) weekly. Develop trainings that can build a short-course curriculum for Heaven Hospitality Academy.


  • Prioritize with Owners FOH maintenance projects. Once approved by Owners supervise all FOH maintenance work to ensure proper cost estimates are attained, and laborers complete work on time and with quality. Negotiate a guarantee on work in case of malfunction and withhold minimum 10% final payment for any complex maintenance job or installation for 1 month, to ensure that the technician will return to assist.
  • Conduct weekly restaurant “walk-throughs” with Office Manager, Maintenance supervisor to assess maintenance issues. Identify those Heaven staff can fix, and those that require hired technicians.
  • Manage FOH repairs, maintenance, upkeep, cleaning, regular servicing of equipment, plumbing, electrical, and renovations.
  • Maintains cleanliness in dining areas, staff bathroom, customer restrooms, parking area, and gardens.
  • Train FOH on how to properly use and care for dining and bar equipment and utensils.

Human Resources

  • Recruit, interview, hire and trains all personnel for FOH. Write warning letters when necessary. Terminations and new hires to be approved by Owners.
  • Ensure compliance with Heaven’s policy and procedures. Orients and trains all staff on Heaven’s standards, policies and procedures.
  • Retrain existing employees as needed. Trains and coaches assistant managers to continually improve the quality of service.
  • Conduct quarterly staff work performance reviews with assistance from assistant managers and reports back to Owners


  • Develops and implements strategy to increase revenues during all meal periods and to increase # customers via strategic marketing efforts
  • Implements and maintains accuracy in all menus, info pack, brochures, business cards and promotional materials

Skills and Qualifications

Essential Skills

  • Team management, leadership & team player
  • Sales & results driven
  • Ability to cope with diverse Clients / Guests and their needs
  • Spirit of initiative
  • Good guest relationship skills {Guest oriented & service minded}
  • Working knowledge of POS systems
  • Ability to spot & solve problems efficiently
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality control
  • A good understanding of HACCP
  • Financial awareness {ability to analyze financial reports, KPIs and report accurately}


Job Function: Reception / Front Desk / Concierge
Work Authorisation: Rwandan Citizens
Job Level: Mid-Career
Years of Experience: 1-2 years
Languages: English, French, Kinyarwanda
Top Skills
  • Accounting
  • Computer Literacy / Internet
  • Customer Service
  • Hotel: Front Desk / Guest Relations
  • Telephone Skills

Job Duties

Primary Objective

To provide outstanding customer service and care to all our guests and visitors to our hotel Ensure that guests experience maximum comfort and satisfaction at the hotel without any hitches to present a good image of the hotel and leave lasting impressions in the minds of visitors.

Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Receive guests to the hotel by greeting them warmly, and attending to their inquiries and answer inquirers over the phone.
  • Inform guests of the services and accommodation rates in the hotel, make reservations for guests per their needs, and make sure that all reservations cancelled are effected immediately to avoid confusion.
  • Build a good relationship with guests to make them feel comfortable and address any complaints they might have in a very courteous manner to protect the image of the hotel.
  • Prepare guests welcome drink, warm towels and registration card prior to arrival and check-in.
  • Make reservations over the phone and confirm them by providing call back services.
  • Instruct and or help to escort guests to their rooms and handle luggage.
  • Maintain information of room availability and guests’ accounts.
  • Maintain orderliness at the front desk by arranging documents accordingly and keeping the front desk area clean always to avoid rowdiness.
  • Keep clear and comprehensive records of guest room bookings and all billings for accountability and future reference.
  • Collect payments in the form of cash and process credit card payments.
  • Record guests’ comments and complaints.
  • Advise housekeeping staff to handle tasks when rooms are vacated.
  • Attend to all routes of room bookings, such as online, phone, and in person, to ensure that reservations are not left hanging but attended to promptly to keep the hotel business running.
  • Take and relay messages to guests.
  • Inform guests about safety deposit box, yoga, retail and other services on check-in.
  • Accept and carry out wake-up call requests.
  • Refer guests to appropriate departments to ensure that their complaints are resolved.
  • Take and verify identification during check-ins.
  • Perform cleaning and maintenance tasks on the front desk.
  • Offer guests advice on local shopping and eating areas.
  • Communicate with staff on the previous shift to manage guests’ arrivals and reservations.
  • Inform management of any discrepancies in front desk operations.
  • Balance rebates and miscellaneous charges.
  • Provide guests with information on entertainment prospects inside the hotel.
  • Provide travel instructions to guests and arrange for transportation.
  • Complete and present reports pertaining to housekeeping to the management.
  • Communicate with Housekeeping team to ensure prompt responses to Guests’ needs
  • Report issues of maintenance and malfunctioning appliances to the manager for quick repair to ensure guests comfort and satisfaction.
  • Any other duty that may be allocated by Management or the Owners

Skills and Qualifications

Essential Skills

  • Must be female
  • Friendly personality and a natural talent for customer service
  • Empathetic and caring
  • Willingness to go above and beyond
  • Calm, composed and diplomatic
  • Knowledgeable about the local area
  • Resourceful and a problem-solver
  • A great Ambassador for the hotel and business in general
  • An image builder for the Heaven brand
  • Ability to anticipate Guests’ needs
  • Ability to make quick and balanced decisions to favour both the business and the guest
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Strong interpersonal skills / work well with others
  • Effective written & verbal communication skills
  • Engaging and approachable

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