MindSky is an online platform connecting job seekers with employers. Like a job board, you can post your positions on MindSky and attract applicants. But unlike a job board, the applications you’ll receive are from pre-screened MindSky members only, resulting in a smaller, higher-quality applicant pool.

We interview all MindSky members to ensure a consistent standard of soft skills excellence: confidence, critical thinking, teamwork, initiative, professionalism, and social aptitude. Our algorithms narrow down the applicant pool to those who match your criteria. You’ll save time that you would otherwise spend sifting through thousands of CVs coming from open job boards or newspaper advertisements, without spending the money to go through a recruiter.

With MindSky, you can focus on interviewing qualified candidates only.

MindSky and Akilah Institute are part of the Akilah Group, a collection of social enterprises that use innovative educational models and technology to transform communities in Africa. The Akilah Institute is a nonprofit women’s college in Rwanda that opened in 2010, and MindSky is a for-profit social enterprise. A portion of MindSky revenues goes to support scholarships at the Akilah Institute.  The Akilah Institute was founded by Dave and Elizabeth Hughes. Elizabeth is the co-founder and CEO of MindSky.

We believe that a supportive network is key to landing a job and building a career. Each MindSky member has a wide array of experiences and connections to share, ultimately helping others get ahead in their careers. We organize events so our community members can connect with one another. Members can also take advantage of our free online Job Search Essentials course and a private group Facebook page to develop new skills, share advice, and build their networks.

MindSky is currently focused on non-technical, team-oriented positions in East Africa. These require strong communication skills, confidence, and social awareness.

Some examples of jobs we don’t take on MindSky are: engineer, architect, doctor, lawyer, and web developer. But we plan to expand to include more types of jobs soon! We just want to be sure that our screening process can confidently predict workplace success. While a soft skills screening can get us most of the way there with non-technical roles, additional due diligence and a more specific screening is required for positions such as doctor or lawyer. That’s something we will tackle in the near future, so stay tuned!

Anyone can become a member! Once you become a member and complete your member profile, you can browse our job board and apply to any job. Your Talent Advocate will review your job application and determine whether to recommend you to the hiring manager or to send it back to you with comments and guidance on how to improve. If you have not been interviewed by your Talent Advocate yet, your Talent Advocate will call you in for an interview to ensure you meet our standards for soft skills excellence before considering your job application. To pass this interview with your Talent Advocate, you must be confident, sociable, and a strong problem solver. But the first step is to apply for MindSky membership!

Most online job sites make you do all the work alone. You spend hours researching job openings, updating your CV and cover letter, and filling in applications. You then hope that a real person is actually looking at your application after you apply. With MindSky, every member is assigned to a personal Talent Advocate — sort of like a career coach who gives you feedback, helps you out when you’re struggling, and makes sure you apply to the opportunities that suit your skills and experience. It’s the smarter job board with a human touch!

Our innovation is the sweet spot between a job board and a recruiting agency: an online technology platform that connects top talent to employers. Like a job board, you can post your job openings and receive applications from job seekers. But unlike a job board, you won’t get spammed by hundreds of unqualified applicants with badly-written CVs. Our recruiting solution is much more sophisticated and bespoke than the job boards you may be used to.

MindSky members are pre-screened to ensure that hiring managers only receive applications from candidates who meet our standards for soft skills excellence. Members must pass the interview with one of our Talent Advocates before they can use MindSky to apply for jobs. The result is a smaller, higher-quality talent pool than what you would get if you posted your jobs on an open job board or in a newspaper advertisement. Also, unlike a traditional job board, employers and job postings are reviewed and approved before they go live on the site to ensure that all opportunities on MindSky are real openings with real companies.

It’s the smarter job board with a human touch!

Once you apply for your first job through MindSky, your Talent Advocate will call you for a phone screen. If you do well at the phone screen, you will be invited for an in-person interview, where we will assess your soft skills: initiative, problem solving, self-awareness, teamwork, confidence, professionalism, and English proficiency. If you pass our screening, you will become a verified member and be able to apply for more jobs in the future.

Please fill out our online application form. Answer the questions accurately and completely. You’ll receive a link to complete your Member Profile, where you can tell us all about your career interests, skills, and experience. Once you apply for your first job through MindSky, your Talent Advocate will call you in for an interview to make sure you have the soft skills and experience that employers expect from MindSky members. If you need additional training or practice before being recommended by MindSky, your Talent Advocate will let you know how to improve.